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Around New Year's, when other people were posting their goals for the year, I meant to post some health and fitness goals for myself. And by "New Year's", I actually mean "New Year's 2008". I think it's a little late for me to post fitness my goals for 2008, or even for 2009, so instead I'm going to grade some of the tools that have and haven't worked out.


[amazon:B000KK02X0|Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale]: **B-**. In addition to measuring weight, this scale also includes electrical sensors to estimate what percentage of the body are composed of muscle, fat, and other tissues. While somewhat interesting, my experience has been that the percentages change at such an excruciatingly slow rate that they're hardly worth measuring. Furthermore, although the scale measures the values down to one-tenth of a percentage point, the values fluctuate within a one percentage point range from day to day depending on the contents of my stomach, the humidity in the air, etc. The scale also calculates several other values such as resting metabolic rate and body-mass index, but these are just simple arithmetic computations based on the other values. The primary function of measuring weight works great, naturally, but the Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale is overkill for my purposes.

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